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Hills Home Hub (Structured Cabling)
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The Hills Home Hub distributes and delivers data, phone, video, audio and TV signals using cables from a centrally located enclosure to specially configured wall outlets in any room of your choice.

Hills Home Hub 600 series DIY Kit - $899.00 incl GSTPower Supply


  • Hills Home Hub enclosure
  • 1 power module
  • 1 active distribution splitter
  • 1 telephone module
  • 2 data/patch module
  • 1 ADSL filter IR Distribution
  • 1 Computer switch
  • 12 patch leads

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Video Distribution

You can now supervise your children as they play in the back yard while you’re in the lounge room doing the ironing. The video picture is sent from the outdoor security camera via the Hills Home Hub to a selected television anywhere in your home. Now your children can continue playing safely and you don’t even have to be physically outside to watch them.  

Phone & Intercom

You’ll never have to leave what you’re doing to answer the door when the buzzer is pressed ever again! Simply pick up your remote and turn to the channel programmed for the front door camera and see who’s there. A phone system with intercom or gate release features can then send through a signal to release the electric latch on the gate and invite your friends in. You can also speak to other people throughout the home to tell them their visitors have arrived.

Computer outletComputer Network

You can now have access to the internet through any computer in your home with one internet connection! This is done through a centralised server modem in the Hills Home Hub. You can also print a document from a computer in the house that doesn’t have a printer attached to it, to the printer in the office for example.

Multi-Room Entertainment

With the Hills Home Hub you can keep all your video equipment in the one location and enjoy multi room viewing and controlling of your DVD, pay TV, and VCR on any television throughout the home using infrared signals, modulators, and the Hills Home Hub.

Distributed Music

Sick of having to blast your stereo through the house and out to your outdoor patio when having a BBQ or entertaining? Well now there’s a solution and it’s affordable! Enjoy superior sound in any room of your home using the Hills Home Music system. A music device (Stereo/Computer/MP3 etc) in your home entertainment area sends music signals to the Hills Home Hub, then distributes these around the house to the speakers. Each room has its own individual controller so you can set the volume independently in any room.

Home Security

Signals from your detectors or window sensors travel through the Hills Home Hub to the security controller. In the event of an unauthorised entry, the controller will phone you or your alarm monitoring station to alert them.  


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